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Santa’s Naughty Girls (SNG) is a social networking and humor site.  While adult-oriented in it’s premise, SNG is NOT an adult content site.  It is all about women at their best at being their worst.  After all, even Emily Post had a naughty side!  We know this to be true, because she was a woman.

Good Girls Do!
SNG flirts with women’s dark-side; their “evil twin,” who manages to escape the confines of polite social behavior and suddenly lets loose with all the passion and furry of a hurricane, then just as quickly is quelched by that most famous and tired expression, “Good girls don’t...”  The fact is, Good Girls Do! In fact, some girls are so good at being bad, they have made it an art form.

Frivolous, Flirtatious & Fun!
SNG does not celebrate bad behavior, but it does recognize it as one facet of this highly complex, contradictory..and sometimes controversial...creature we call woman.  And, we do it in a fun, frivolous and flirtatious way.  Bawdy, risque and suggestive language and innuendo are allowed: pornography and vulgarity are not.


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