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How Santa Spends the Other 364 Nights Per Year!
(365 on Leap-Year!!)

Are you a naughty girl?  Now is you chance to tell the world!

Currently under construction, we are buildingGirl 4 a social networking section where you can self-report that you are one of Santa's Naughty Girls.  To self-report, you will filll out a mini bio page, answer a few beauty pagent-style questions, sign the release and upload three to five photos.

Out of all the SNGs, we will feature one each day...One of Santa's 364.  Those honored with the title will receive a special tee-shirt, indicating their special relationship with Santa!  We will begin selecting Santa's 364 beginning on December 26.

Monthly SNG

Every month, we will select one out of the 28-31 daily winners of the previous month, and they will be designated Santa's Naughty Girl of the Month.  They will get an additional feature on the site and a small prize package (lining up sponsors now).

Girl 4

Santa's Naughty Girl of the Year

Of the twelve monthly winners, we will select Santa's Naughty Girl of the Year.  SGN of the Year will receive a grand prize package that will also include a professional modeling shoot, and the honor of modeling the next year's tee-shirt.

We are building the section now, but if you want to report yourself as one of Santa's Naughty Girls, please click here and we will send you additional information via email.

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